Fauna of Kyrgyzstan

Travelling in Kyrgyzstan you have an amazing opportunity to make a witness of the fauna of the country. We would like to notice that during tours on rent a car in Kyrgyzstan you can notice different animals depending on the altitude of inhabitance. We are glad to present you the best options for the tour to be going just on pleasant emotions. Basically at the height of 3,400 and 3,800 m marmots, voles, brown bears, hares, wild rams, and mountain goats live. And of course when people start to travel in Kyrgyzstan they notice that there are a lot of amazing birds flying in the sky of the borderless country.

With great respect and desire we are glad to show you all during your tour in our country as it is of high importance to make a witness of birds flying at high altitudes. Birds like alpine choughs, red-bellied redstarts, rock pigeons, partridges, golden eagles, falcons, hawks, and buzzards and bullfinches may be witnessed by all travelling in Kyrgyzstan car for rent. In the course of a tour in our country there is an opportunity to make a witness of the eagle hunting as one of the most significant activities of the nomadic people.

Being in a tour in Kyrgyzstan bear in mind that it is prohibited to pollute in the country and to hurt animals. We appreciate your understanding of these facts.