Exploring the pearl Issyk Kul lake

At this time, Kyrgyzstan one of the most beautiful countries in the world with the incredible nature and beautiful landscapes. On tours of Kyrgyzstan, our guests will be able to find out that the country has incredible landscapes and will also be able to show the guests a pearl called Lake Issyk Kul. You will be able to explore during tours of Kyrgyzstan in a rented car that the lake is located right in the heart of the Tien Shan Mountains at an altitude of 1608 meters. From the Kyrgyz language, the lake is translated as "warm lake". And you will thus be able to explore that it never freezes, and also has salty properties. So Lake Issyk Kul has a legend about how it originated and why it has salty qualities. A long time ago, there was a city that was very ancient and it was destroyed by an earthquake. Just at this time, the girls returned from the campaign and discovered that only ruins and rubble remained of the city, and began to grieve a lot and cry a lot. After that, all their tears filled the whole city, and so the legendary lake Issyk Kul was formed.

For you, our team will be able to organize excellent tours of Kyrgyzstan, where guests of the country will be able to explore the excellent scenery, enjoy the world and also rent a car. Exploring the lake, it will be possible to explore that from 1856 to 2002, the lake lowered the water level by 8.5 meters. The lake itself is located at an altitude of 1,600 meters and at the same time, travelers will be able to notice that the lake has borders on the north side of the Kungei Alatoo ridge, and on the south Terskey Alatoo. As you know, the lake is home to various types of fish, and you can buy osman, carp or chebak on tours around Kyrgyzstan on the beach. A great solution for tours in Kyrgyzstan is to rent a car, enjoy the scenery and also explore that Kyrgyzstan has a very fresh air, nature and of course water.