Dungan mosque

Dungan mosque is the place for all the people running from China in 1877 to find safety. It is somehow known as the place for all the people in flight moving to Karakol. Amid the tour you will be informed about those who were creating the mosque and basically there were 20 local people and the only one invited.

The refugees invited the Chinese architect in 1907 and he built the mosque in the Chinese style. All can be convinced about it during they travel in Kyrgyzstan and see that yellow color was used to bring wealth and richness, red color was used to be able to be protected from evils and green was seen as the accumulator of happiness.

All along Kyrgyzstan tours guests will find out that during the times of the Soviet Union it was prohibited to serve any religious events and just religion was prohibited. Starting Kyrgyzstan tours you will be able to see that thanks to donations of the Muslim community on the recreations after WW2 it became possible to wander in the country and visit the mosque as the religious place.