The cuisine of our country, which mostly focuses on clarifying the customs of the nomadic people when visiting Kyrgyzstan on a tour and renting a car. The civilisation of nations such as Turks, Persians, Arabs, Indians, Chinese, Russians, and Europeans is the root of the cuisine here. And there are plenty of restaurants to enjoy when you use a car rental in Kyrgyzstan for your tours. We have vowed in this post to hammer out the analytical point of the kitchen of the country.

Bread is of immense importance at present and is appreciated by people. Nomadic individuals prefer to see their hands ripped off, not sliced. What is important is that it is not necessary to put the upper side of the bread upside down. Lepeshka, a round bread baked in Tandoor, Boorsok, or small bread pieces fried in oil, is a common type of bread. The last one is reconciliation for the Kyrgyz people.

This is a meal that is considered common among the people of the nomadic way of life, starting with its arrival in ancient times. It is necessary to wash your hands and pronounce the words of blessing and eat by hand to have such a meal. They sit next to each other and discuss numerous subjects while the Kyrgyz eat beshbarmak. It's a meal made from onions, and it's a dough that's fried with mutton.

The dishes consumed by individuals with great pleasure are delicacies, and the option of items made for holidays and tois is chuchuk. Ingredients like kazy kabyrga (ribs), ulcers, cinnamon, paprika, black pepper, cabbage, garlic, cumin and bay leaf are used in Chuchuk cuisine. Here in the meat marinade, various species are used.

Kuurdak, consisting of grilled beef or lamb with potatoes and onions, is another popular meal. It's a common meal for the Nomads to feed on metal. The food appears to have a peculiar taste which can be traced back to the stones.

With herbs and vegetables, the meat-based soup is Shorpo. It's fried mostly in the East. They usually prefer to add more red pepper to the spice in order to sound very special, as guests do so on the trip they're going on. So, in this sense, all the goods seem to have an unforgettable flavor.

Plov is a popular meal that people from numerous countries prepare. In some areas of the Asian states and in other countries as well. Both occasions of great importance, such as marriages, funerals, a child's birth, go to Plov to cook. Furthermore, housewives cook it for special events, such as a tour.

Visitors from all over the world are free to try samsa, a special pie full of beef, onions and, of course, species, at the Kyrgyz adventure car rental. Actually, it's performed at Tandoor, or even on special stones sometimes. It can also be made at the same time with chicken.

Manty is the Kyrgyz people's traditional food, each family's famous dish that they eat with their hands. In the middle of the table, the huge dish is put, so that all the guests have the choice to carry in the amount they want. Manty is made from beef and dough, cooked in an unusual broad steam cooking appliance.

Lagman is a common meal made by the people of Central Asia and made from noodles, lambs and vegetables. If the dough is shaped into the rolls of the noodles, the latter may be purchased and cooked on its own. To make this dish, it is possible to use a greater volume of water to turn it into a broth. Onions, eggplants, cabbage, radishes, onions, carrots and several more are other rare species.

Ashlyam - Fu
Ashlyam-Fu is the best-known meal in Karakol's house. And today, we promise to rent a car in Kyrgyzstan for tours and try traditional Kyrgyz cuisine. In the heat, it is served cold, and good when it's colder. Noodles, flour, vegetables and sauce are the main ingredients. In essence, Dungan, a Chinese Muslim, is believed to have invented the dish.

As the flesh is fried in the oven, Shashlyk is like kebabs. It can be ordered right now in both restaurants and cafes. The name derives from the origins of the meal, which has its roots in Turkey's history. Nowadays, with marinated products, a number of vegetables and sauces are said to be made.

Since there are big cattle here, where various ingredients are simple to mix, Dymlyama's lazy way of cooking is wonderful. Without stirring, several foods, such as lamb beef, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, bell peppers, and so on, are put in.

As individuals establish ties with Lagman, Ganfan is a dish of Eastern heritage. We've got a lot of onions, herbs and noodles to prepare here, but with a little less water. They prepare noodles with flour in turn. Today, dinner is what is considered a household table decoration.

Borsch is a dish which is Russian and Slavic. And it's also famous because of the strong links the nation has to the Russian side. Some Kyrgyz families cook this dish. But it can be bought mainly in restaurants. We can see ingredients such as lamb, tomatoes, and a fantastic red soup.

It is well known that our country is a nation of many nationalities, with many people who have different cultures and traditions living here. That's why there's a lot of delicious food there. Côtelette originated, first and foremost, in French cuisine, most of which originated from beef ribs. It can be similar to various kinds of poultry, such as pork, turkey, and beef. They sometimes use onions and potatoes.

Kurut is a special snack that the domestic industry makes. We've got the milk snack and its preservatives here. They are made of salt, smooth, sometimes sweet or sour, often spicy in the shape of cubes. Kurut is a table decoration. A lot of locals are very fond of this snack, along with the boarders.

MamparMampar is a soup of onions and potatoes made from boiled dough made by the people of Central Asia. Rarely, with onions and species being added. This dish is quickly cooked, and it is possible to decorate each table with every table.

The Kyrgyz people were greatly influenced by the Slavic people, so the Kyrgyz people began to cherish Pelmeni. It's a grilled dish and the beef is hidden in the dough and cooked in a spicy broth afterwards. Afterwards, sour cream, mayonnaise and ketchup are served.


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