Circulating medium

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Travelers who come to Kyrgyzstan on a tour and rent a car, as is customary, conduct research on the country before visiting it, and in this instance, they pay close attention to money. One of the questions the vacationers have is how much cash they should carry. Kyrgyzstan car rent tours are available, and travelers may pay in dollars and soms. Money can be exchanged in the country's banks. In most areas, the principal money is som, and no other currencies are accepted.

It is worth mentioning that interest rates at Bishkek's banks vary. It is, nevertheless, undeniably preferable than the country's rural districts or bazaars. Travelers must exchange money in order to visit this location, and banks are open until 5 p.m., with money exchange offices operating almost 24 hours a day. Throughout the tour, the passport is necessary for currency exchange. Although Visa and Mastercard credit cards are widely accepted, they are not everywhere. Kyrgyzstan has a cash-based economy.