Those who have a desire to travel in Kyrgyzstan need to know more about main sites and highlights as Burana before starting a tour. Burana is the minaret which is one of the most visited sites in the country. It is possible to visit the minaret by starting Kyrgyzstan tours in 60km from Bishkek. Basically it is located in the ancient city Balasagun. Now we have just the territory as the city was destroyed and completely disappeared. We are glad to give you an opportunity of witnessing the minaret being 45m high.

It is well-known that the city was taken by force by Genghis Khan. In the 13th century he came and destroyed it. Then in the course of time, in 15-16th centuries it disappeared. But in 19-20th centuries the researches of the Soviet Union found the remaining. All that was found you can see while being in Kyrgyzstan tours by going to the Historical Museum in Bishkek.