Altyn Arashan gorge

Altyn Arashan gorge is the gorge located in 10km of the city Karakol. During a tour in Kyrgyzstan you will be amazed by the variety of natural testimonies at the territory of the gorge. We are glad to organize a trip which will include visiting of 30.5 thousand hectares. At the same time it is possible to witness hot springs which are of great attraction for all who travel in the country.

Starting Kyrgyzstan tours visitants will be able to try mineralized waters of spa resort. And of course for us it is going to be the great pleasure if all start to witness the territories created in 1963. The gorge is basically located at the height of 2600m above sea level. Guests can take Kyrgyzstan tours to the gorge along a number of paths for visitors along the pristine nature of Tien Shan.