Mountains of Kyrgyzstan are the aim of those who are starting alpinism during a tour in the country. Many of the people have a desire to travel in the very mountains and in this case they turn to us. We also know that during the times of the Soviet Union it was prohibited to wander in the very mountains and start any Kyrgyzstan tours. But some of the local dwellers managed to get special allowances.

It may be rather dangerous to be in the mountains as weather is unpredictable and nobody can be sure about your safety. With every new altitude it becomes colder and colder. And still there are risks of avalanches in the mountains.  

Long time ago those who managed to get to the peaks of all the mountains of 7000m above sea level were getting the award of the Snow Leopard. Since the Soviet Union about 600 people made Kyrgyzstan tours and got it.