Alpinism in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a hilly country and overwhelming for tours. The country is excellent for tours. You are free to use Kyrgyzstan car rent to spend a lovely time. Climbers prefer our Kyrgyzstan as a good place for trekking. At the time of Soviet period, climbing on high mountains was not acceptable. Only VIP people were able to visit the mountain.

Travelling for tours in Kyrgyzstan, our guides will offer an information about Kyrgyzstan's mountains, prosperities and shortcomings. There is the danger of landslips, being at a height can cause plights.

We can assume that when the climbers decide to rise a mountain with an altitude of 7000m, achieves the Snow Leopard Award. At the Soviet time, about 600 climbers successfully won awards. Rent a car on tours, so you can also get an award.