Kyrgyzstan Travel Information

Kyrgyzstan is a country of great emotions and nature opens us great opportunities of witnessing geography and biology, and the great attention should be paid to mountains. During a tour it is possible to witness amazing gorges and valleys. At the same time it is necessary to note that the entire territory is seen from the point of view of mountain chains and high altitudes. Basically 94% of the country is at the altitude of 1000m above sea level and 71% is at the height of 2000m above sea level than can help to have amazing tours. We are glad to present Kyrgyzstan travel information.

Being in Kyrgyzstan tours guests will always travel at the altitudes. People will be informed about the famous Tien Shan Mountain range. The range covers the territory of the country at 2/3. The range is divided into Northern, Western, Eastern, Central and Inner ranges. Your Kyrgyzstan tours can be done to the very Enilchek Glacier with two high peaks on it. We can give all needed travel information. You have an opportunity to get to the mountains and witness pristine and pure beauty of the country.


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