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Kyrgyzstan temperature

Located in the northeastern part of the country between the mountain ranges of the North Tien Shan: Kungei Ala-Too range and Ala-Terskey at an altitude of 1609 m above sea level. The lake-drainage, it falls to 80 relatively small tributaries. Among them are the largest and Tup Dzhirgalan flowing from the east. In the western part of the lake very close Chu river, which is on the channel Kutemaldy length of 6 km, and sometimes gives him a portion of their water during spring floods. Brackish water (salinity of water - 5.90%).
The volume of water equal to 1738 km ³, water surface area - 6236 km ², the coastline - 688 km, average depth - 278 m, maximum depth is about 2.5 times greater than and equal to 668 m, the length of the Issyk-Kul lake from west to east is 182 km and from north to south - 58 km.
Coastal climate - temperate maritime. Issyk-Kul has a moderating effect on the lake. The average temperature in January: Tamga -2 °, Cholpon-Ata, -3 °, Karakol -6 °. Average July temperature: +17 °.
The number of sunshine hours is 2700 hours, which is higher than in the Black Sea. For comparison, the number of sunshine hours in Moscow is 1600 hours.
Thank heat storage lake does not freeze even in the coldest winter. Ice covered only the coastal strip and some bays. This led to what the name of the lake was considered to be originating from the Kyrgyz phrase "Issyk-Cal" - "Hot Lake". However, linguists claim that the name of the lake is from the ancient "Holy Lake" (Yyyk-Cal), and the present name is a folk etymology.
The first mention of the lake is found in Chinese chronicles the end of II century BC, where it is called the Zhe-hai, which means the warm sea. However, the scientific study of the lake began only in the XIX century, Russian scientists, including Przhevalsky, bequeathing to bury him on the shore of Lake Issyk-Kul.

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