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Kyrgyzstan hunting

Another activity in which the horse-riding plays a dominant role, is hunting, especially with the eagles. This type of hunting is still practiced in some regions of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Westerners tend to think of a hunting hawk - but, despite the fact that hunting with falcons and hawks there, hunting with eagles belong to her down and see it as a pastime for children and amateurs. A pair of professional hunters and hunting birds, often able to get 50 or 60 foxes, badgers a dozen, a couple of lynxes, 4-5 wolves during a typical four-month hunting season, which begins in late autumn. Golden Eagle seldom fails to catch its prey, which they quickly killed, usually breaking the backbone of their powerful claws.

Horsemeat is a highly valued type of food - especially the horses fed and never go round to ensure that the meat was soft as possible. In a large celebration or funeral, horse served as a main dish. The horse, in fact, is the main object of attachment to the Kirghiz.

The main source of protein for the majority of the population are kurut (small balls made of dried sheep's cheese - especially in winter) and kymyz or koumiss, fermented mare's milk (heavy and sour drink.) The traditional method of making kymyz is to fill the mare's milk in goatskin leather from the animal (chanach). One third of yesterday's milk mixed with fresh milk, after which the mixture is left to ferment in a warm place yurt. Then it was shaken, whisking occasionally with a wooden stick (Bishkek). The drink is a little alcohol before you turn into lactic acid.


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