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Horse riding in Kyrgyzstan

"Amazing Kyrgyzstan"

"Amazing Kyrgyzstan" is locally owned and managed Company, which comprises people with a long history in travel. Kyrgyzstan is our home - we know our country, its traditions and customs intimately. Our aim is to present you with the best of hotels, hostels, guesthouses, tourist camps (Kyrgyz nomadic felt flat) and other accommodation around the Kyrgyz land.

We're pleased to inform you that we have a wide range of long term contacts with our partners in the hospitality industry of Kyrgyzstan. We'll do our best to professionally serve and care for you individually for any of your needs regarding your trip.

We will take into consideration your interests and expectations, and we can offer you different travel itineraries for Kyrgyzstan that will satisfy your individual choices. Our qualified, experienced and dedicated staff is committed to delivering as much attention to you as possible, and to ensuring your safety and comfort on all of your trips.

We are a Bishkek based company, specialized in nature sightseeing and adventure travels for foreign tourists in Kyrgyzstan. Since 2001, we have organized more than 40 classic sightseeing and adventure tours for U.S, Japanese, Canadian, Korean, and European tourists.

During this period, we have gained significant experience in the business and have built a sound base of travel vehicles and utilities. Our car park consists of several well maintained 4X4 Japanese jeeps and German buses. We have plenty of reserve utilities such as saddles, camping tents and fishing rods for adventure tourists.

Satisfaction, comfort and the safety of our customers are our first priorities. We listen to every customer to be flexible with our travel schedules and routes. Any of our itineraries can be modified according to your preferences for travel timing and activities.

Tour Guides: We employ well-qualified guides who are all well-versed in local culture, flora and fauna, and history. We work hard to recruit the best guides, and we reward them well.  They will look after you very well, indeed!

Drivers: With our skilled and experienced drivers, you can be assured that you will be safe when you are traveling. Our drivers all have great personalities and contribute a unique quality to the atmosphere of our tours.  You can consider them reliable and helpful friends, from the very first time you meet them. 

We welcome you to the country of white clouds bristling in the sky, boundless serene steppes, green mountains and incredibly hospitable people who co-exist under the eternal blue sky. We look forward to seeing you in Kyrgyzstan!


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