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Kyrgyzstan tour: Trekking 1913
Date: Kyrgyzstan
Tour type: Trekking Tour
Tour: 11 days

Day 1: You will come to the international airport "Manas" and your guide will meet you. You will be accompanied in the city of Bishkek. Then you will have breakfast. Sightseeing tour (Green Bazaar, Central Square and the Museum of History). Your lunch will be served 12 times in the morning for free. In the evening you can enjoy a delicious dinner.
Day 2: We start our tour with a tour excursion in Kochkor. On the way visit Burana Tower (10th century), your lunch will be served at 00:00 in a small restaurant. Overnight stay in a house in Kochkor.
Day 3: Day tour begins with a trip to jailoo SaralaSaz. We will be trekking tours in the alpine meadows where different yurts are installed. Arriving at Ak-Bel Djailoo day. We welcome families with Mare's milk, the national drink made from fermented mare's milk. In the evening you can enjoy a delicious dinner. Overnight in yurts.
Day 4: Breakfast significantly. Trekking in Irizuu valley, within a few hills. The start of our route up the mountain to reach Buchuk. Your lunch will be served at 00:00 Trekking in jailoo Suk, who is sitting in place of breathtaking beauty. In jailoo, we have tea as usual and traditional dinner. Overnight in yurts.
Day 5: Day tour begins with an excursion to the summit pass Bel bed. A little further, we've got a great view of the surrounding snow-capped mountain ranges and valleys, some close. From there, we start trekking tour is progressing. Trekking through the gorge will be a small mountain stream. Your lunch will be served in 12 hours a day, we have a Koldosuu jailoo trekking tours, where the family is waiting for us with lunch. Overnight in yurts.
Day 6: The day begins with the adoption of a few hills (the border between Kochkor Nary and regions), in order to achieve Djailoo Kyzylkiya where you can have lunch with a charming family. Then we spent trekking tours to Kyzylkiya (2600 m) and stay in the river, which is among the alpine meadows of the most beautiful mountain of flowers you can imagine. In the evening you can enjoy a delicious dinner. Overnight in yurts.
Day 7: Day tour begins with an excursion. During the trekking tour you will see some small hills and passes. In the long trekking tour, we will see a variety of mountain canyons. In the afternoon, the last part of the final tournament in a yurt, then trekking east of the lake. Overnight in yurts.
Day 8: Son-Kul. Free day on the lake. You may have a radial round trips. In the evening you can enjoy a delicious dinner.
Day 9: substantial breakfast. Trekking in the village of Kyzyl-Oi (200 km). The village is situated in a picturesque narrow gorge of the river Kokomeren (1,800 m). Here you will be trekking tour and see the real life of these villagers. The village is almost unchanged from the 19-century. Overnight stay at home in the TOC.
Day 10: we end our tour by driving to Bishkek (200 km) through TJU - Ashu tunnel. Lunch. Arrival in Bishkek. Accommodation at the hotel. In the evening you can enjoy a delicious meal in a show, restaurant folklore.
Day 11: In the morning you will be transferred to the airport.

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The formation of ethnic kyrgyzskoy

The current territory of Kyrgyzstan was determined as a result of a long historical process. Sredevekovuyu ancient and ethnic history of Kyrgyzstan and the addition kyrgyzskoy nation can not be divorced from the general history of the region Prityanshanya and Southern Siberia. Since these areas were close to the zone of migration flows of ancient nomads. On the historical scene of nomadic Kirghiz people have appeared in ancient times. The first mention of kyrgyzah were in 201 BC. Oe. in Chinese sources called gyangun.

There are different views on the formation of kyrgyzskoy nation. But the general concept is the fact that there are three main components, which are crucial in shaping the nation kyrgyzskoy.
 Local Caucasoid, predominantly Turkic-speaking population of the Tien Shan.
Mongoloid Turkic-speaking tribes of South Siberia.
Part of the Mongol tribes of Central Asia.

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