Silk Road Tour 4

Silk Road: Tour 4, Silk Road tours 

Silk Road: Tour 4
Days of tour: 20 days
Countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan
Places: Almaty - Charyn - Karakol - Kochkor - Son Kul - Chon Kemin - Bishkek - Ala Archa - Osh - Khudjand - Penjakent - Samarkand - Tashkent - Khiva - Bukhara - Mary - Ashgabat - Darwaza - Ashgabat

Day 1: Almaty
In the first day of the tour with the great program, the guest travel to Kazakhstan. The city tour along Almaty starts at 10 a.m in the location of the Green Bazaar. Being here it is possible to buy anything you want, just with the process of the bargain. Then the investigation of the city continues with the Panfilov Park and of course Zenkov Cathedral. But the main aim of the tour in Kazakhstan is the visiting of the Medeo gorge, or the greatest sightseeing of a skating rink. The Kok Tobe hill opens us the striking panorama of the city, and then we make a visit of the park of the same name. The day will end with the night in the hotel.

Day 2: Almaty - Charyn - Kegen border - Karakol
Kazakhstan is a country where you can be fulfilled with emotions, and in this case you are required to travel to the Charyn Canyon. Today it is one of the striking spots of the country, appeared about 12 mil years ago. And in order to get there it is required to pass 3 hours of the road. Being here the boarders are able to contact the local people of Kazakhstan and get to know all of the historical notes and make the photos against breath-taking views. Then, we are taking the way to the border with Kyrgyzstan, Kegen border and start a way to Karakol.

Day 3: Karakol - Kochkor
From the city of Karakol everyone is going to travel to the Kochkor village, the road to which will be made along the Jeti Oguz gorge, the mountains of the bulls appearance. Behind it there is the mountain resembling fully the name of it, The Broken Heart Mountain. Then the way to the village Kochkor is made along the Bokonbaeva village and witness the perfect eagle-hinting show. The night will be in the hotel.

Day 4: Kochkor - Son Kul Lake
Today the guests of Kyrgyzstan take a tour to the Son Kul Lake. The lake can be seen to be at the altitude of 3016m above sea level. This territory is the home for the nomads and the cattle. Right here the visitants can talk to the local dwellers, and listen to interesting stories of the country and their life. The lake can be visited just in few months, basically in summer. The photos made here are of unique attractiveness. The night will be organized in the yurts.

Day 5: Son Kul Lake - Chon Kemin
The tour to the Chon Kemin village is made along the Kalmak Ashu pass. Here we take a way at 3 225 m above sea level. This village can be reached only passing the Kochkor village. Having a break here everyone can witness the process of the creation of carpets and the way of decoration in lines. The night is seen as the stay in the homestay of the local family.

Day 6: Chon Kemin - Bishkek
As you are in the village Chon Kemin, it is possible to take a ride of horses for about 3 hours. Then after having seen all of the beauties of the mountains, everyone gets to the tour along the way to the Burana tower, the building of the 11th century. Then we finally get to the capital of Bishkek. The night is spent in the hotel.

Day 7: Bishkek - Ala Archa - Bishkek  
The whole day in Bishkek will be devoted to the opportunity to travel along such sites of the city as Pobeda Square (Victory Square), Duboviy Park (Oak Park), Central Ala-Too Square, Old Square, National Philharmonic. Then all of the members of the group taking a ride to visit the Ala Archa gorge, the gorge located in 45km from the city. It is peculiar for being located in 45km from the capital. This is the gorge of the Tien Shan mountain range. The people of the past were prohibited to travel here and now any person from all over the globe is able to become the part of the tour along the gorge. Here the boarders are able to pass the paved path or go hiking. The group then returns to Bishkek and the night is organized in the hotel.

Day 8: Bishkek - Osh  
In Kyrgyzstan there is a great amount of the cities of exquisite history and today we get to the Osh city. Being here we are going to travel along the sightseeing as Suleiman Mountain, the main location of pilgrimages coming. The Asian Bazaar will be visited by the group, and then lots of photo stops will be made. The night will be in the hotel.

Day 9: Osh - Kyrgyz-Tajik border Guliston - Khudjand
The visitants are the ones to travel to Tajikistan and make a witness of the mountains of the country. The country is passed through the Batken region of Kyrgyzstan. Right here everyone can make a witness of the rare flower Aigul and try apricot. Then we are in the city Khujand, which seems to be one of the largest cities of the country Tajikistan. In this territory we will be the visitors of the Cultural Palace of Khujant and Central Mosque. The night is in the hotel.

Day 10: Khudjand - Penjakent   
In order to visit Penjakent, all need to pass the Shahriston way, of 3378m above sea level. This city is located at the river Zeravshan, and the name literally means five villages. The history tells that there were five villages here, basically emerged in 5-8th century. At the same time the past of the city is remarkable for being the site of the "Central Asian Pompeii". All of the walls of the building are decorated with various paintings and lines. The monuments of gods are also set here. The guests will spend the night in the hotel.

Day 11: Penjakent - Jartepo border - Samarkand 
Today we travel to Jartepo border for all the visitants to get from Tajikistan to Uzbekistan, and visit the city Samarkand. It is also located at the river valley Zerafshan. Today this tour is aimed at seeing the sites as Registan square, Shakhi-Zindeh, Mausoleum Guri Emir and Bibi Khanum Mosque. All of the sites bear a great historical and cultural meaning. With most of them being the locations of the religious schools of the 17th century. The complex of Shakhi-Zindeh is seen as the collection of the architectural significant elements. Then all get to the hotel for the night.

Day 12: Samarkand - Tashkent   
Uzbekistan is also the country, where the guests need to see the city Tashkent. In our case it is necessary to take a train for seeing the Independence square, as one of the most visited places of the country. Then everyone gets closer to the history of the square, being set in honor of the victory in WW2. Then everyone gets acquainted with the local Broadway and the Amir Timur square. From here we recommend sightseeing Chorsu Bazaar, Kukaldash Madrasah and Hast Imam. The latter one is the complex with lots of religious schools. The night will be in the hotel.

Day 13: Tashkent - Urgench - Khiva
The way in Uzbekistan continues with the travel experience in Urgench, in order to get to Khiva. All starts in the very morning. Being in the city of Khiva, the guests see the city inside it with the name of Ichan-Qala. Here there are the buildings and palaces, the mosques. At the same time here we can witness the Madrasahs, Mausoleums, Minarets, Caravan-Sarais. There are more than 400 buildings of the ancient times. The next destination is Kunya-Ark fortress of the 17th century. The night is in the hotel.

Day 14: Khiva - Bukhara
For all to be able to see Bukhara it is required to travel in Uzbekistan. Here you can meet about 140 buildings, and the city is known as the  "town museum". The streets are narrow and green, the abundance of parks is here, all of the monuments are of great architectural meaning. The way to the city is laid along the Kizilkum desert. The road to made along the picturesque locations of the Amu Darya river, the deepest river here. The night will be in the hotel.

Day 15: Bukhara
The whole day of the tour will be in Bukhara, and the guide will take you to the Citadel Ark, which emerged in the 4th century. It used to be the citadel of Bukhara Empire.  Then it started to be the Samanids mausoleum. The next point of a tour is Chashma Ayub, then religious schools of the city, Nodir Divan Begi and the shops near it for the guests to be able to buy all they need. Then we visit the Poi Kalon complex and the sites of the 16th century - Kalon minaret, Kalon mosque and Mir Arab Madrasah. The night of the day will be organized in the hotel.

Day 16: Bukhara - Farab border - Mary/Merv
This day will be in the way from Uzbekilstan to Turkmenistan. Today we are at the border near Turkmenabad, for the cars to drive to Mary and Merv cities. The night will be in the hotel.

Day 17: Mary - Ashgabat
Turkmenistan is famous for the Mary city, one of the ancient cities, and the Merv city, the site of the UNESCO World Heritage. Today the guests tend to travel here in order to find out about the development of the Silk Road. This city is also peculiar for the mausoleums of Sultan Sanjar and Muhammed ibn-Zeyd. The night will be in the hotel of Ashgabat.

Day 18: Ashgabat - Darwaza
Early in the morning, at the visitants are taken to the Darwasa, or the Gas Crater location site. In the north of the city Ashagabat it is located and is  seen as the favorite place of the foreigners. The day will be in the camp and the beauties of the site should be captured, for the memories to stay with you for many years in the future. The night will be organized in the tents, on the open air.

Day 19: Darwaza - Ashgabat
Today we get back to Ashgabat, one of the most visited places in Turkmenistan. It is greatly recommended to visit the "Old Nisa", the UNESCO site. The following places are of great recommendation for visiting, "Gypjak" Mosque and Mausoleum of the late President of Turkmenistan. Then all get to the hotel.

Day 20: Flight
Morning transfer to airport.

Transport in KZ and KG:
02 pax - Sedan (KZ) or Mitsubishi Delica (KG)
04-10 pax - Mercedes Sprinter

Transport in TJ:
02-04 pax - Hyundai Starex
06-08 pax - 2 cars: Hyundai Starex
10 pax - 3 cars: Hyundai Starex

Transport in UZ:
02 pax - Sedan
04-06 pax - Minivan
08-10 pax - Minibus

Transport in TM:
02 pax - Sedan
04-10 pax - Minibus 14 seats

Hotels 3*,
Price per person: 
02 pax - 3 085 $
04 pax - 2 215 $
06 pax - 1 890 $
08 pax - 1 660 $
10 pax - 1 670 $
Single - 355 $

Early check-in - 25 $
Single early check-in - 45 $ 

Hotels 4*,
Price per person: 
02 pax - 3 320 $
04 pax - 2 470 $
06 pax - 2 140 $
08 pax - 1 910 $
10 pax - 1 870 $
Single - 540 $

Early check-in - 40 $
Single early check-in - 70 $ 

Half board - 240 $*
Full board - 490 $*

Entrance fees - 55 $*

Meals and entrance fees are available with escort guide only.*

Supplement for escort guide in Uzbekistan - 350 $ per group

Tashkent - Urgench flight - from 80 $

Service includes:
- Transport
- Accommodation:
Almaty - "Kazakhstan" Hotel 3* / "KazZhol" Hotel 4*
Karakol - "Karagat" Hotel 4* or "Green Yard" Guesthouse
Kochkor - Homestay
Son Kul - Yurts, "Nomad's Dream" camp (4 pax in 1)
Chon Kemin - Homestay
Bishkek - "Discovery" 3* or "Garden" 4* /"Plaza" Hotel 4*
Osh - "Sun Rise" Hotel 3*/ "Classic" Hotel 4*
Khujand - "Firuz" Hotel 4*
Penjikent - "Sugd" Hotel 3
Samarkand - "Ideal" Hotel 3*/ "Diyora" Hotel 4*
Tashkent - "Samir" Hotel 3*/ "Ramada" Hotel 4*
Khiva - "Old Khiva" Hotel 3*/ "Lokomotiv" Hotel 4*
Bukhara - "Porso" Hotel 3*/ "Omar Khayam" Hotel 4*
Mary - "Mary" Hotel 3*/ "Merv" Hotel 4*
Ashgabat - "Menzil" Hotel 3*/ "Ak Altyn" Hotel 4*
Darwaza - Tents
- Visa support to TM
- Entrances to all museums
- Mineral water supply
- Train tickets Samarkand - Tashkent
- English speaking local guides in UZ
- English speaking escort guides in KZ, KG, TJ, TM
- Flight tickets Bishkek - Osh (15 kg limit, extra 2 $ per kg)

Service does not include:
- Visa
- Meals
- Single rooms
- Early check-in
- Travel insurance
- Tashkent - Urgench flight
- Migration tax (12 $ + 4 $bank fee)
- Fees for using cameras on monuments