Kyrgyz History

There is a mystery of emergence of Kyrgyzstan and making tours you will find out legends of the country, history and different places here. It is better to rent a car and drive along passes. Celestial Mountains are known in the globe for a long time but nobody knows for sure how it appeared. Some people think that true facts were told by Russian explorers and Pyotr Semyonov - Tian-Shansky on the suggestion of Humbolt identified mountains as unknown and he was the first from Europe who saw these places in Kyrgyzstan. The title Tian-Shansky was rewarded by tsar. As well during your tour you will get to know that Marco Polo with father and son also investigated the route in 1273. It is known that the southern places of the chain in Kyrgyzstan were actually described by the Buddhist Monk Hsuan Tsang in the 7th century B.C. There was given a so-called opinion of "nothing but snow and ice. It is snowing in the summer and spring, all the day there are strong winds".

Kyrgyzstan is a country with interesting history of territory appearance and remarkable places are Tien Shan Mountains you can travel about in the process of a tour in Kyrgyzstan and for that it is necessary to identify all details with our managers. Contact us and have an interesting travel in Kyrgyzstan and car rent on a high level! We have no doubt you will like Kyrgyzstan tours.