About us

Welcome to Amazing Kyrgyzstan! We are a leading company that is ready to provide accessible tours in the territory of Central Asia. Since Kyrgyzstan is one of the most visited countries in the world, our company is open to guide you through the history of ancient nomads. For our guests we prepared special offers of the best hotels, hostels, guesthouses, tourist camps (Kyrgyz nomadic felt flat) and other available accommodations in Kyrgyzstan.

We are glad to inform you about trusted partnership from all over the world. Nowadays our company has own business of providing the high quality of service and hospitality. 

Our guides are well aware of the history and culture of their native land and able to talk about it fascinatingly in foreign languages. With us every your tour will be comfortable and highly treated. We have licenses and certificates that confirm the high level and reliability of our services.

We are a successful company in Bishkek city and organize incredible trips for foreign travellers.  Being known since 2001, we safely organized more than 40 classic sightseeing and adventure tours for U.S, Japanese, Canadian, Korean, and European tourists.

About us 

The team of our company gained the professional experience in making reliable trips and settled a training goal of travel vehicles and conveniences. We have a special car park consisting of several well maintained 4X4 Japanese jeeps and German buses. In addition, we have necessary reserve utilities as saddles, camping tents and fishing rods for those who want to have an extreme journey. We offer the best tours in Kyrgyzstan for your travel.

We take care of your satisfaction, comfort as well as safety. Our guests will feel as comfortable and safe as possible. We are attentive to every customer and always ready to meet all requirements and make convenient travel schedules and routes.

Tour Guides: We have experienced guides who have an excellent knowledge of your native language, history, geography, culture, nomads, sites and others. Our guides will tell you many interesting stories and legends of Central Asia as well as delight you with real oriental hospitality and help you find the most interesting just for you.

Drivers: Our professional drivers will carry out you on comfortable modern vehicles where you can be in safe and enjoy travelling. We have no doubt you will like to make friendship with them! 

Travel with us will give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the real adventurous of exploring ancient treasures and relics. Take a chance to the blooming oasis of unique lakes and rivers. The rich and cultural heritage of the Kyrgyzstan will inspire you by celestial mountains and green land! We look forward to make you trust us! 

"Travel Experts" will make your dreams come true!