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Amazing Kyrgyzstan - Travel company, car rent Bishkek

Car rental Bishkek and Kyrgyzstan


We welcome you in a country of white clouds, majestic˝ green mountains and very hospitable people.

Kyrgyzstan Travel Agency "Amazing Kyrgyzstan", situated in car rent Bishkek city is one of the best car rent Bishkek airport in Kyrgyzstan travel guide, which provides its services on the high level. We can organize it only excursions in car rent Bishkek, but also tours Kyrgyzstan Bishkek far away from outskirts of  rent a car in Bishkek.  Travel Kyrgyzstan tours are interesting for a great opportunity to appear in the most beautiful and untouched places of tours Kyrgyzstan mountain.  Car rental Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan and tours Kyrgyzstan city will allow to visit the most beautiful parts of our country. 

Rent a car Bishkek mountains are very rich with its beautiful nature, the traditions and customs of people are interesting and various, that makes travel Kyrgyzstan tours  in our country very popular among the tourists from abroad,  and our travel Kyrgyzstan tours are unforgettable.

In our company work only the most qualified specialists who have a great experience in area of car rent Bishkek city and travelling. Moreover, we have many partners all over the world in the sphere of rent a car Bishkek travel  in car rent Bishkek Kyrgyzstan ˝with who we successfully cooperate for many years.  

Our goal is to provide you the best hotels, hostels, sanatoriums and touristsic camps (yurt camps) and other types of accommodation in tours Kyrgyzstan city so that you can get acquainted with our beautiful country with the maximum of convenience.  We guarantee that we will take into account all your interests and do all possible to meet your expectations. In our office in car rental Bishkek guides we will choose together all the routes that will suit you   in car rental Bishkek tours that will satisfy all your individual requests. Our professional team will make all possible to provide as much as possible of comfort and security during your trip. All workers of our Kyrgyzstan travel agency Bishkek are ready to provide the best service, to take care of each client individually.

Our Kyrgyzstan travel agency Bishkek in car rental Bishkek guides is specialized in excursions in car rental Bishkek guides. To your attention we can provide not only car rent Bishkek, but also car rental Bishkek Kyrgyzstan and rent a car in Bishkek, car rent Bishkek Bishkek, car re˛ň Bishkek mountains for transfers of car rent Bishkek airport and back. As the car rent Bishkek airport is 40 minutes far from the city of car rental Bishkek, to reach the city from the car rent Bishkek airport on your personal car is not very difficult for you and quite comfortable. Especially for you we will leave the car in the parking area of the car rent Bishkek airport so that you could reach car rental Bishkek with maximum comfort. When driving from car rent Bishkek airport to car rental Bishkek you can rent a car bishkek travel and get by yourself.

From 2001 we have organized more than 40 classic tours and adventure tours Kyrgyzstan for tourists from USA, Japan, Canada, Korea, and Europe. For this period of time we have acquired significant experience in the sphere of travel kyrgyzstan, also we also have our own auto park that can be a guaranteed advancement versus other travel kyrgyzstan tours. Our auto park consists of several 4x4 Japanese cars (for travel kyrgyzstan tours, car rent bishkek mountains) and German buses for tours kyrgyzstan bishkek. Besides we have many different equipment for tours kyrgyzstan mountain such as Saddles, camping tents, fishing rods and much more.

Travelling is always wonderful, especially if you travel in your own car. Travelling in your own car guarantees you not only plenty of positive emotions on car but also a total comfort during your trip. If you choose travelling in a car and want to rent a car bishkek kyrgyzstan, you will get an excellent opportunity to plan your trip as you need. We can provide you a wonderful chance for your car rental bishkek kyrgyzstan. Car rental bishkek in kyrgyzstan and travelling in cars will allow you to reach any place without any difficulties. Car rental bishkek country will give a lot of positive emotions and pleasant moments, moreover by car rental bishkek city and travelling with our car you will save time, visitng the places that are interesting for you.  If you do not want to be behind the wheel while traveling, you can rent a car bishkek travel with personal driver who will show you all the interesting places of tours kyrgyzstan mountain, and also will help you to reach from rent a car bishkek airport and back.

Satisfaction of needs, comfort and safety of our customers are the first priorities of our kyrgyzstan travel agency. We listen to every client and provide the tourist with a choice of travel schedules and routes. Any of our routes can be changed in accordance with your preferences regarding the travel time and activities.